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We take the work out of owning, using, and maintaining business software. CSM provides application hosting services, platform solutions, and consulting services designed to make computing simple, convenient, and inexpensive. We provide access to applications for virtually any user, anywhere, and anytime - whether on your own hardware, colocated servers, shared server stacks or cloud computing environments. Contact CMS at: rick@csmhosting.com                                  

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With each new release, today's general business and industry-specific applications demand more and more computing power and technical support. Every day, IT managers struggle to keep their PCs and networks sufficiently pumped up to meet their software's voracious appetite.                                                                                                   

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To large and small businesses alike, data security is emerging as a top concern. In this growing information economy, business intelligence is the most precious commodity many companies have. One-of-a-kind customer lists, critical financial records, forward-thinking strategic plans, and hard-earned proprietary industry knowledge give leading organizations the edge they need. A loss of this information can have a devastating effect.                        

Need a hug to feel safe?

Every company supports two sets of users: its customers, and users who serve those customers. It's not enough to make sure your target market is served by leading-edge technology: IT staffs are burdened with the needs of company employees as well. The problem is, internal staff often can not or will not provide formal support. With time, budgets, and expertise stretched to capacity, support efforts, if any, can be inconsistent or worse



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